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Nitecliff Evolutions

Book 1: Legacy
Book 2: Wrath
Book 3: Vengeance

Nitecliff Evolutions, Book 3
ISBN# 9781619220799
December 2013
Samhain Publishing
$ 5.50
299 Pages
Urban Fantasy
Rating: 4 Cups

Maddy Nitecliff is the bringer of Justice for the supernatural world. She has had a complicated love life in the past, but is now happy with her choice.

Hellion Markalon is Maddy’s declared. Hundreds of years old, he has more secrets in his past than Maddy is aware of. He is handsome, powerful, and wealthy, but most of all he is totally devoted to Maddy.

Maddy’s life is getting ever more complicated. Through the actions of her ex-lover, the henge associated with her is destroyed, making her immortal. A fallen angel lands on their doorstep and a powerful demon is after Hellion. That is only the beginning.

I really enjoy this series. The situations can be a little tangled and there are many characters to keep track of, but I had the advantage of reading this series from the beginning. This book stands on its own, but reading the previous books is definitely helpful. Maddy is a wonderfully strong character who was thrown into a situation way beyond anything she ever dreamed. She keeps bouncing back from situations that would flatten a lesser woman. She also has the most amazing group of men at her back, from Hellion the love of her life, to Bahlin her dragon shifter ex. This novel has enough action and excitement for any lover of this genre.

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