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ISBN# (10) 1612178111/(13) 9781612178127
February 2013
Wild Rose Press (Crimson Rose)
$4.99/$ 11.46
272 Pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 3 Cups

One teary night, with a laptop and couple of margaritas, Blake Cartwright makes a decision from instinct and buys an old lighthouse with the plan to renovate it into an inn. She left behind her successful career, posh apartment, and ideal boyfriend. Her first night in the lighthouse, she comes across a handsome man creeping on the first floor, Declan Hunter.

Declan has his own reasons for creeping about. While his instincts are screaming to tell Blake the truth, he pretends to be an architect who is fascinated with old houses and offers to help with the renovations. The attraction they feel is unexpected, but Declan is not the type to stick to one place too long.

Strange things happen when Blake hears a baby crying in the night, finds a pacifier on the ground and light shining in the lighthouse after learning earlier that the lighthouse is believed to be haunted by a ghost named Lucy, who committed suicide in the twenties. As the mystery deepens, Blake questions her sanity until she sees a body falling from the tower. Soon, the dead body, an abandoned baby, a possible smuggling ring, a killer on the loose, and Declan hiding who he really is all pull Blake deeper into the mystery. However, even as her instincts tell her he is hiding something, she still trusts him. Will she finally discover the truth or be the next in line to die? Can she solve the puzzle, placing her trust and love in the right place?

A chilling prologue raised my expectations pretty high for this book. Ms. Haines has written a compelling thriller which I could not put down until the end, though I admit I guessed in the first half who the main culprit was. However, I was wrong about a couple of other things. I suppose my deduction, which turned out to be correct, made the climax predictable. Why I could not put it down was because I wanted see how everything unraveled. Vertigao is an action packed face-off but still fell slightly short of the climatic ending I was expecting. Even though I cannot exactly pinpoint what was missing, nothing extensive will spoil the mood for the reader. The epilogue was sweet and explained a number of things. I loved the romance in this book; it is very real and heartfelt. Despite my dissatisfaction with the ending, it is a fun read for a stormy night for everyone who likes a thriller with ghosts and murder amid the building romance and chemistry of the lead characters.

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