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ISBN#: 9781554877249
November 2010
eXtasy Books
118 Pages
GLBT, M/M, Horror, Shape-Shifter, Dark Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

The tragedy befalling the young men in the area is playing out in Ilenio’s dreams night after night. He has no idea why or how these dreams are coming to him, but he knows that the deaths are not stopping any time soon.

To give his beast freedom, Lord Brahany, Seigneuros of Griphonis Castle, must find a visionario. Someone he will be able to master and train to help him find and fight the evil butchering so many young men.

As a poor farmer’s son, Ilenio would never have dreamed of living in the castle, but after a chance encounter with the Seigneuros that is exactly where he is headed. His fear and hesitation are pushed aside until Ilenio can feel only a deep and throbbing desire to help Lord Brahany in whatever way he chooses. The luscious strands of red gold hair were what caught Lord Brahany’s attention, but the power he senses within Ilenio seals his fate. This is to be his new partner, and he prays this time he will not fail his people or his young slave.

The force of Lord Brahany’s will is more than an innocent young man can deny, but what seems at first to be merely a master/slave relationship, morphs into something much more powerful as their story progresses. Ilenio’s character may be young and naïve, but stupid he is not, and he never lets his master forget it. The balance of power may always fall more towards Lord Brahany, but Ilenio is the key to everything. The ferocity with which Lord Brahany and Ilenio engage each other is a complete sensual and sexual explosion for the senses.

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