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ISBN #: 9781632599810
February 2012
Siren Publishing
276 Pages
Futuristic, Menage a Trois/Quatre, Science Fiction
Rating: 3 Cups

Vivienne Cardero is the daughter of a murdered warlord. Her uncle, Dexler is the one who murdered her father and she knows if he gets his hands on her, her chances of surviving are nil. She barely escapes her planet by leaving with a group of religious zealots who say they will get her to safety.

Jack Westerly, Parker Killian and Ray Edwards are space pirates, and orphans who also happen to be best friends. Their main plan is to gather enough wealth to retire from being a pirate and live out the rest of their lives in luxury. On their way to picking up some hidden treasure on an asteroid they find Vivienne and decide to help her.

When three space pirates arrive out of nowhere and save her from Kell and his men, Vivienne is ecstatic. When Jack the leader says she will have to be their sex slave, she is more than willing, as she is easily attracted to all three. Of course the fact that most of the universe shares one woman to more than one man does not hurt either. Though a virgin, Vivienne was taught how to pleasure a man, and does not waste any time showing Jack, then Parker and finally Ray her talents. None of them expected to find love, but that is quickly what they each get. There is only one problem, Vivienne has been poisoned, and if Jack, Parker, and Ray do not get her to Ancient Earth, pronto, she is going to die. Add that to the fact that the robot mercenaries and Vivienne’s evil uncle are not far behind, and they must travel through an unstable worm hole to make it to Earth on time, and you dial up the suspense to screaming mode. Will they reach Ancient Earth on time? Even if they do, will they survive what the robot mercenaries and Vivienne’s uncle have in store for them?

I enjoyed reading Vivienne’s Space Pirate Trio by Elle Saint James. The world building is interesting, and the descriptions of Earth, and the galaxy are well thought out. I loved how Jack, Parker and Ray fall in love with Vivienne and her vivacious personality, and Vivienne as a person is just lovely. I thought the author handled the whole situation with Vivienne’s sex drive being doubled because of the poison very well, and her explanation of how Vivienne’s emotions do not change because of it is well explained. The love scenes are hot and explosive and add depth to the story. If you enjoy science fiction romance with a huge kick of spice, then you will enjoy Vivienne’s Space Pirate Trio.

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