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The Vow Series

Vow of Seduction

Vow of Deception

ISBN#: 978-1-4201-0857-6 /1-4201-0857-3
October 2009
Kensington Books
210 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Lady Katherine of Montclair or “Kat” as her friends and family call her was raised by her father and is something of a tomboy. She is first betrothed to Alex, then marries him.

Alex de Beaumont cares for Kat, but it is not until he makes a monumental mistake that he realizes how much he truly loves her.

Alex and Kat’s relationship is rocky at best. Though they care for each other, they are both quite young when they marry, and Alex believes he is in love with someone else. Still, he follows through and marries Kat as his and her father wanted. Unfortunately, Kat spies him tumbling another woman the day before the wedding and does not take kindly to the fact. He is still able to “persuade” her into fulfilling their wedding night. However, he then further compounds his sins by deciding to go on a crusade without so much as telling his new bride, but instead just leaving her a note and disappearing. When he does not return for years, not only is Kat heartbroken, but she feels betrayed and hurt in the worst way. Eventually word comes that Alex was killed and since she wants to have children, she allows another man to court her and in time accepts his proposal. There is only one problem, Alex is not dead, but was captured and has been held captive these four years. Alex barely makes it back to England in time to stop Kat from committing bigamy. However, Kat is less than pleased to see him, and though a part of her rejoices that he has returned and is alive, another part is unwilling to forgive the man who hurt her so much. Alex knows he is going to have a fight on his hands winning Kat back, but he is willing to do whatever it takes. If only there was not someone who wants him dead for unknown reasons. With hidden enemies waiting around every corner and situations that lead to misunderstandings, it is not any wonder these two keep coming up at cross purposes. Will Alex be able to prove his love to Kat? Will Kat open her heart and allow him back inside? Or will a killer win the day?

Vow of Seduction is a lovely story about a woman who is far ahead of her time. Kat would have been right there marching with women to get the right to vote if she could have, I think! I loved her spirited nature, and reading about her sparing verbally with Alex and others in this book is a true delight. I also loved Alex. He was kind of self-centered as only young men can be at the beginning of this story, but the reader really sees how his experiences force him to grow up and face his very real love for Kat. The descriptions of the Court were very interesting, and Ms. Johnson has a true gift for bringing the period to life. When Alex and Kat come together it is explosive, and the lovemaking scenes are hot and varied. I really enjoyed the emotion in these scenes. If you, too, enjoy a little spice with your medieval romance, then I highly recommend Vow of Seduction.

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