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ISBN#: 9781610407397
November 2011
Torquere Press
204 Pages
GLBT; Erotic Romance; Historical Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Vyper is known as a harsh pirate. Yet most take one look at him and want to ravish him for his daringness, as well as his decadence.

Byron Caldwell is a wealthy man whose plantation makes him more rich and powerful every day. His life would be perfect if it were not for his sister, Elizabeth, who complains at every moment about how horrible her life is.

When a message in a bottle floats into Vyper’s hands, he sets out to rescue the damsel in distress with Elizabeth, never expecting to find a shrew in her place. Vyper never thought his life would be changed forever by one woman’s plea for help. Soon, the pirate finds himself on the adventure of a lifetime as Elizabeth and Byron enter his life and change it forever.

There is nothing like reading a great swashbuckling tale. Add in a sexy pirate who prefers sexy men and it can only get better. Vyper is a story that is both predictable and surprising. The predictability comes from the normal historical piracy tale. The surprising parts are from the twists and turns that mingle throughout the pages. I do wish there could have been more for poor Toby and I hope he can eventually get his own story. Kiernan Kelly knows how to write a good, old fashioned pirate tale that has a unique twist to it, adding new flavor to an otherwise stale subject.

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