Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN#: Unavailable
July 2009
Lyrical Press
179 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Mandy has been married to Mike for thirteen years and has two children. She is a published writer and also does the bookkeeping for Mike’s construction company.

Adam works for GasKo and lives near to Mandy on her running route. He is very attracted to the fiesty and resilient blonde and determined to become a part of her life in any way he can.

On the night before Thanksgiving Mandy walks in on her husband and his friend’s sleazy girlfriend. Mike has Lana bent over Brad’s Camaro. Mandy’s marriage is over as soon as she finishes her month of counseling with the bizarre Baldwin, no matter what Mike thinks. She meets a very attractive man while out running and their friendship progresses to love, though they have not consummated the act. Meanwhile, Mike is still cheating and lying about it and Mandy is trying to get through the holiday season without upsetting her children too much. She is also counting the days until she is free of Mike and able to be with Adam.

This is a very realistic account of the ending of a marriage. Mandy has been severely wronged and her revenge is not out of line. Mike deserves far more than he gets. I liked Adam’s character despite the secrets he keeps from Mandy, but my favorite characters are her brother Mark and Aunt Clara. Mark reminds me of my own brother as a matter of fact and Aunt Clara is priceless. She has reached the age of ninety and acquired all the wisdom without losing her sense of humor. Her hothouse apartment and tiny furniture made me laugh. The plot of this novel is full of emotional ups and downs and wonderfully realistic characters. There is humor as well as pathos and Mandy is a strong woman that the reader can both sympathize with and admire.

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