Coffee Time Romance & More




Book 1
ISBN#: 9781849635035
February 6, 2015
Austin Macauley Publishers
E-book / Paperback
$ 4.09 / $ 14.95
400 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

When she discovers her husband of twenty-two years, Chris, is having an affair, forty-four year old Sylvie Sapphiris feels as if her world is falling apart. Unable to accept his betrayal and his promises that he will never be unfaithful again, Sylvie tells Chris their marriage is over. Shortly after, he suffers a fatal heart attack, and Sylvie is left to deal with warring emotions of grief and anger. She is lucky to have the support of her family and friends, including long-time friend Julian, who is in love with her.

Unfortunately, it is not Julian to whom she is uncontrollably attracted. It is his son, Nick, who is seventeen years her junior. But for Nick age is no factor, and Sylvie is no ordinary woman. He has fallen for her almost since the moment he laid eyes on her. He does not play with love lightly, and with Sylvie, he is playing for keeps.

Both Sylvie and Nick initially deny their attraction to one another, especially since Julian made his feelings and intentions for Sylvie known to both of them. Their love is further complicated by their age difference, and by the fact that Sylvie is still healing. They will have to decide if they are going to commit to this budding relationship, and they will have to be prepared for someone to get hurt. The question is, who?

The romance between Sylvie and Nick was my favorite part of this book, but it did not come along immediately. In the beginning, I struggled with the story, because it took a while to get through the fallout of Chris’s affair and his death. In that time, I was not sure where the story was going, and who I should be rooting for: Chris, Julian or Nick. But once the attraction between Sylvie and Nick was introduced, the book became a page turner.

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