Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN#: 978-1-940296-71-5
8 October 2014
Tule Publishing Group
320 Pages
Women's Fiction, Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 cups

A second chance at life is what Joy Talley is now getting after slipping into a coma, after falling from a roof with a rope around her neck and everyone believing she was trying to kill herself, which is far from the case. She can hear everything going on around her. All the ramblings of her friends brothers, and sisters, yet her body just won't wake up.

The Talleys are and always have been the eccentric family in town. Never minding the teasing or gossip as different as they are, they are fiercely loyal to family. When this latest calamity happens and just after their mother dying, it becomes all the more crazy especially when Joy wakes up from her coma. They all believe she is crazy and has lost her mind.

What Joy soon finds out is she must deal with the past and her feeling for her former love. The secret they keep probably should come to light, and so is discovering more about herself that she likes. She even might have a chance at love after all these years, but confronting the past is hard and takes strength and courage. However, with a great family and supportive friends she does just that and forges on to what she is hoping is a better happier future.

What a great read it reminded me of a Modern day Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood. The quirkiness of the family yet fierce loyalty. Joy goes on a journey of her life both past and present. I commend her for finding the strength to do so, I'm not sure if this is classified as a feel good book or self help but it entertains and makes you the reader think of choices you have made, and how just maybe you can put the past at peace and move forward to happiness.

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