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ISBN#: 9781603945479
September 2011
New Concepts Publishing
78 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Amber is a history teacher who lost the love of her life to the war in the middle east. She believes she will probably never find another man like him that she can love.

Ryja is an alien who also happens to be a history buff. He travels around the galaxy and then time travels into a planet’s past and records the past for the Galactic Library. He is independently wealthy and does this as a hobby.

When Amber lets her best friend convince her to petition the River Goddess to help her find the man of her dreams, she thinks it is all a bunch of bunk. Imagine her surprise when she wakes up on Ryja’s ship tied up. At first she thinks it is a dream and has bone melting sex with the alien thinking it is all a fantasy. When she realizes it is real, she consents to staying on board. However, she does not consent to more sex and makes it clear to Ryja that she is not a loose woman who just jumps into bed with any man that asks. Ryja is a bit puzzled by this at first, but agrees to take Amber on ten dates with the hope that at the end of it, they’ll have sex. Instead, the dates become a prelude to their falling in love, but all is not roses, and Amber is certain she is going to get her heart broken when she falls in love with the handsome alien. Will Ryja commit to her, or will he drop her off back on Earth and go about his merry way?

Wanted: Handsome Alien Abductor is an enjoyable read. The sex scenes are hot when they happen, and development of the relationship with all the cultural differences is interesting. I liked the android Mica as well, and thought he was a nice touch to the story. I think the thing that was hard for me with this story and brought the rating down a bit was its predictability. I was able to guess the outcome early on without much trouble, and the whole ten dates thing I think was part of the problem. Despite this it is an enjoyable story and if you enjoy aliens hooking up with Earth women, then you should definitely check this one out!

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