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Warriors for Light
Book 1: Warrior’s Rise - March 23, 2011
Book 2: Dragon Child - April, 2011
Book 3: Absolution - May 10, 2011

Warriors for Light, Book 1
ISBN # 9781452437231
March 23, 2011
Dark Hallows Publishing
312 Pages
Urban Fantasy
Rating: 4 cups

Deva Morgan goes from bartender to protector of the world within minutes. With a fairy mother and a human father, she was groomed from her the time of her parents’ deaths by her protector, Steve, to be a warrior. Innocent, she is drawn to Padraig in a way that she has never experienced. All she has ever wanted was a normal life, but with the fate of everyone she cares about on her shoulders, will she ever have a chance at one?

Padraig is a prince who has been sent to protect the weapon of the Goddess. With lingering guilt over his brother’s death, he is unsure of his worthiness, but drawn to Deva. In a storm of one chaotic event after another, he strives to teach Deva the magic she needs to survive. But a bond she created between them when they first touched continues to make him want her, even though he feels as if he does not deserve her and that taking her will be disrespectful to his Goddess.

Steve decided his fate when he eavesdropped so long ago on his father speaking to hers. Knowing Deva was powerful, he knew that she was at risk even from a very early age and determined that he wanted to be her protector. Torn between allowing Padraig to do his job and his own long commitment to take care of Deva, he struggles with allowing her to be the woman she is meant to be.

With the Dark Lord rising and Sabine tracking their every move, they have to work to stay ahead of forces determined to destroy Deva. Knowing there is a seed in their midst, they have to fight enemies at every turn while knowing that one of their group is a traitor. Will the Dark Lord be conquered protecting Earth and Otherworld? And will Deva and Padraig end up together, or will the dark forces striving to tear them apart manage to destroy Deva before she has a chance to fulfill her fate?

With an enthralling story line and characters, DeLeon has created a series to follow. Although the battles were a bit confusing, they were exciting. Passion and tenderness between these two magical creatures was believable, but the tension was strung out between them a bit further than I would have liked due to the many secondary characters keeping the leads apart. If more time and detail were given to the battle scenes, this would have been an off the charts read. As it was, it was still quite enjoyable to this reader.

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