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Bowdancer Series

Book 1 – Bowdancer

Book 2 – The Wayfarer’s Road
Book 3 - Warrior Women

Book 3, Bowdancer Series
ISBN: 978-1-926771-67-0
November 2010
Breathless Press
154 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Her time is nearing, but Jan-nell’s concerns for her young daughter outweighs those for herself and her unborn child. Mira-nell’s intelligence far exceeds that of her peers, and staying in Khrin’s village is becoming more and more upsetting to the child with every passing day.

It is by birth and by choice that the mountain women hold tightly to their way of life, and like her sisters, Chandro would not have it any other way. She is a highly esteemed trackfinder for her village, and it is during these forays that she has sometimes crossed paths with strangers.

As Jan-nell and her daughter climb higher into the mountains searching for the warrior women’s village, Jan-nell can feel her strength slipping away. Mira-nell is very attuned to her mother’s needs, and Jan-nell can tell she will soon become a legendary healer, if they survive their trek. Chandro comes upon Jan-nell and the young child, and immediately escorts them to the safety of her village. The peace and welcome they receive is more than they could have hoped for, but the arrival of Jan-nell’s babe will once again change the course of her life.

In a village made up exclusively of women Jan-nell still stands out in her beliefs and customs. Her feelings and experiences with men may not be all that glowing, but I believe she keeps a much more open mind than her rescuers. This story does not go into great detail about the banishment of men from their society, but I find it a bit coarse that they eagerly bed the men they find just to become impregnated. And even more disturbing than kicking the men out, is that they do the same to all male offspring practically at birth.

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