Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN#: 9781940695631
February 24, 2015
EsKape Press
$ 0.99 / $ 9.99
223 Pages
New Adult, Coming of Age, College and Young Adult, Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Addy Lafollette has a master plan for her life, and it does not involve immature high school boys. When she meets Graham Stewart, the older friend of her best friend’s boyfriend, Addy is immediately smitten. What begins as an intense attraction, though, turns into genuine feelings. Her master plan did not involve falling in love with her summer fling, either.

With his high school years well behind him, Graham Stewart never expected to do much with his life other than work in the small town where he grew up. He certainly never planned on falling for the girl he met one night at a wild, high school make-out party. But Graham falls hard for Addy, even though he knows he has nothing to offer her, and can only drag her down in the end.

Addy and Graham spend a wonderful summer together. They get to know each others’ friends and even suffer through the obnoxious come-ons of a Saudi Arabian prince who is determined to have Addy for his wife. As their feelings for one another grow, the inevitable end to their fling becomes harder and harder to face. When the time comes for Addy to go away to college, will they be able to say goodbye? Or will they find a way to make a life together work so Addy does not have to give up her dream?

This was nearly a two-cupper for me. The idea for the story was a good one, however the delivery was not as strong as it could have been. At times I felt as if it was an adult writing what she thought was going on in a teenager’s head. At other times, I was put off by some representations and references which were, at best, lacking in political sensitivity. What made this a three-cup review for me was the romance between Addy and Graham. It made the read worthwhile. To those interested in reading this book, I would recommend they be prepared to look past the surface delivery to the heartwarming romance beneath.

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