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Book 1 in the Last Chance Series
ISBN: 9780446576093/ 9781455500628
March 2011
Forever, an imprint of Hachette Book Group
Print/ eBook
$5.99/ $6.99
368 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Jane Coblentz needs to stop looking at the bad boys she is attracted to and start listening to Dr. Goodbody’s spiel on positive thinking. When that no-good Woody West somehow gets her involved in his problems, she takes a bus ride to Last Chance, South Carolina, and away from her dreams of becoming a singer.

Clayton P. Rhodes knows all about dreams or at least dreams that have been crushed, stamped, and demolished thanks to a certain male singer who ripped the proverbial rug from under his feet. Now he is back in his hometown of Last Chance and is determined to settle down with a good woman and start a new dream of having a family.

When she comes strolling into Dot’s Spot in her outrageously sexy outfit, Clay knows he is a goner. Jane just wants to find a gullible…err, she means a sweet man to flirt with who will be willing to spend a few bucks on her dinner since she has only a few dollars left. Clay is definitely NOT a sweet man. Instead he is the type of bad boy that has desire shooting from all of her erogenous zones and leads to an intense night of sex that leaves them both craving more even as their minds tell them to back off. Clay knows Jane is dangerous but he does not expect to find out that her past is full of suspicious behavior that leads not only to someone he loves getting hurt but an unsolved murder investigation that guides the FBI to the usually quiet streets of Last Chance, South Carolina.

‘Welcome to Last Chance’ is one of those books that have readers craving the closeness that comes from living in a one traffic light town. Ms. Ramsay gives us a story that contains quirky characters, a tale full of heart, two people who are most definitely not looking for each other, and adventures that somehow come off as comedic and yet dangerous at the same time. On top of that, there is the interesting back story of the angels, the mystery surrounding the Sorrowful Angel, and wanting to give the Chief of Police a big hug and maybe hit him upside the head a time or two. I think if you enjoy a tale that contains laughter, tears, zany characters, and a woman determined to see her sons settled then you will definitely take pleasure in this novel.

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