Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN# 9780812993844
23 April 2013
Dial Press
464 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Lottie thinks she has it all together—a great job, perfect boyfriend and an engagement on the horizon. When her idyllic future collapses, it sends her into a tailspin of self-doubt. Clinging to hope, she snatches up an offer from Ben, her forgotten teenage crush, and elopes on a whim, figuring the romantic honeymoon will be the perfect opportunity to re-discover the man she has just married.

Fliss is horrified to discover her younger sister has up and married a man she barely knows. Lottie is famous for her post-relationship debacles, yet Fliss has always been able to help her sort them out. This time, though, it will take all of Fliss’s ingenuity to thwart the charm of a romantic getaway on the Greek island of Ikonos. Fortunately there are enough disgruntled friends and lovers in Ben's and Lottie's pasts willing to help Fliss win the day.

Lottie’s honeymoon is not turning out as she hopes. She and Ben seem to be growing further apart than together. Plus, she cannot stop thinking about her most recent ex, Richard. There is also her sister’s insistent meddling to consider, which leaves Lottie wondering if Fliss may just be right once again.

Ms. Kinsella delivers once again a tale full of startling and often comical adventures involving characters that are delightfully human. Never have two sisters been more endearing in their attempts to love and hate each other. In the end, readers will savor some rather dashing behavior from two very unexpected heroes.

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