Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN#: 9781619351400
November 14, 2012
Soul Mate Publishing
408 Pages
Contemporary Romance/RomCom
Rating: 4 Cups

When Megan Sayla left her groom at the altar, she never imagined how much her life would change or how difficult a healthier lifestyle would be. Not only is she struggling with herself, but her family and her best friend treat her like she is doing something wrong. To add to her problems, her attraction towards her trainer, Jacob, becomes more intense, but how could such an attractive guy want a heavier girl like her?

From the day Jacob Dante met Megan he has not been able to get her out of his mind. She is so sweet and funny. Fate assists him when she leaves her cell phone behind in the men’s room. With the help of Megan’s cousin, Megan joins Jacob’s gym. The problem? She is in the process of learning to love herself and be healthy, and she does not yet need a relationship. Taking his sister’s advice, Jacob is waiting until Megan feels better about herself before he begins to show his interest in her but it is driving him insane.

Becoming healthier is not easy. It is not only about changing eating habits or working out. It is also an emotional roller-coaster. Megan has not been happy for a very long time, and somewhere along the way, she lost herself. In order to appease her future mother-in-law, Kitty, she gave up all of her things, her wants and desires. Now she is tired of being a door-mat, and she is tired of using her weight as an excuse to hide from change. While rediscovering herself she has to reevaluate some of her relationships, learn confidence and believe that she is worth so much more than anyone expected. And along the way she might just find love again.

I could really empathize with Megan and her struggle. It is very difficult to change your lifestyle, especially when you have unsupportive people trying to bring you down. The emotions that she experienced were real and heart wrenching. I also loved that Jacob fell in love with her while she was still overweight. He did not simply want her for her looks (though he did find her attractive), he liked who she was and saw her beautiful personality shining through. Ms. Fischer did a wonderful job making her characters believable and interesting. I thoroughly enjoyed this character driven story.

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