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ISBN: 9781612172033
June 2012
The Wild Rose Press
77 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Vonda is a dog trainer and a werewolf. As far as she knows she is the only werewolf since she has never met another. She is wary of relationships since her brief marriage, but during the full moon she has very strong needs.

Tom is a rancher and widower with a ten years old daughter. He has had no interest in women since the death of his wife years before. He is totally focused on his ranch and daughter.

Neither Vonda nor Tom have the time or energy for a relationship. Tom is still mourning his late wife, while Vonda’s divorce has left her with emotional scars. They are both surprised and a bit uncomfortable with the strength of their attraction to each other. Both determined to resist, the kidnapping of Tom’s daughter by werewolves forces Vonda to reveal her secret nature and Tom to discover all about werewolves.

I really enjoy this quick read. Vonda and Tom are likable and believable characters. It is also interesting to read about their romance and its unique problems. The author has excellent world building skills and leaves the reader with a very good picture of this werewolf society and its rules. This story is a great combination of romance, action, suspense and the paranormal.

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