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ISBN#: 978-1420111514
December 6, 2011
Kensington Publishing, Zebra Books
384 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Elsie Stanhope has been betrothed as long as she can remember to the Marquess of Hathwaite, future Duke of Kingston. Although she knows she does not love him, she is mostly resigned to her fate. Having long mourned the loss of her twin sister, she battles insomnia by roaming the halls of her home. When a painter comes to her home to work on a mural, she finds that perhaps she isn’t interested in a loveless life after all.

Alexander Wilkinson was tragically torn from his family by a father who never forgave him a childish accident nor his overpowering shyness. Finding a home and family as a painter wasn’t something that anyone planned, but he has found contentment with his life. When a daring and beautiful lady comes to him in the night, making him feel like a man for the first time in his life, he fights his feelings for her. But will she break through the mask he has so long wore, and find the tender man beneath it?

With friendship being the first step in their relationship, and passion the second, these characters are hard to resist. In an era that was full of hiding your feelings and pretending emotions, they find the secret to true love in getting to know one another. But dark forces are lining up to tear their newfound feelings to shreds. Will they conquer the past and create a future together?

Goodger delivered a fun story with believable characters in a historical setting which is always a pleasure for this reader to find. The flaws in her characters made them nearly impossible not to identify with. Alexander is a hero that will leave readers both fanning themselves and wishing he was a real man. Elsie was a fun mix of innocence and impropriety. All in all a fantastic read by a gifted storyteller.

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