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ISBN#: 978-0-06-202127-4
February 2011
Mass Market Paperback
384 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Linnet is the most beautiful debutante of the Season, maybe in all of London. She is attractive enough to catch the interest of a royal prince, but not good enough for him to marry.

Piers is the son of a duke and holds the courtesy title of earl. He is also a very famous and sought after doctor and runs a sort of hospital in his home. He is very handsome, but irascible and walks with a limp.

Linnet is one of the most popular young ladies in London until the royal prince she flirts with publicly dumps her and a rumor is started that she is pregnant. Tainted by her late mother’s reputation and her resemblance to her, not even her own family believes her. Linnet needs a husband and the Duke of Windebank’s son needs a wife. A pregnant one would be welcome since it is rumored that he is unable to produce an heir.

As usual, Ms. James has combined humor, tragedy and romance to produce a story that no one will forget. Fans of the TV series House will love the grouchy but brilliant Piers and the beautiful Linnet is a great heroine, misunderstood and undervalued by those who should protect her. The plot grabbed my attention and held it throughout. The characters are very well written and best of all interesting and unique, and the story flows quickly and smoothly. The references to medical practices of the era are fascinating and I loved the “Beauty and the Beast” storyline. In the end beauty is only skin deep and there is a prince hiding in the beast.

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