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Shadow Keepers Series

Book 1: When Blood Calls
Book 2: When Pleasure Rules
Book 3: When Wicked Craves
Book 4: When Passion Lies
Book 5: When Darkness Hungers
Book 6: When Temptation Burns

Book 2 in The Shadow Keepers Series
ISBN: 9780440245780-Print/ 9780553907964-eBook
September 2010
Bantam Books, a division of Random House Inc.
Print/ eBook
448 Pages-Print/ 400 Pages-eBook
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Lissa owns Orlando’s, a club that specializes in trading souls legally. As a Succubus, she knows what it is like to partake of someone's soul, but she also has a secret talent that no one knows about.

Vincent Rand is a made werewolf, but he cannot turn into a wolf whenever he wants to, only when it is a full moon. On top of that, after the full moon calls him he cannot remember what he did or who he killed as the wolf.

Meeting Rand for the first time, Lissa knows there is something different about the weren, as she feels a connection unlike anything she has felt before. He assumes it is her sexuality as a Succubus that calls to him, but soon realizes there is much more going on with his desire for the sexy business owner. With some of her secrets revealed, Lissa is pressured into doing something against her will, something that will have Rand feeling as if she has betrayed him. Can they overcome the obstacles and solve who is murdering humans before an all out war starts between the vampires and the werewolves?

Another fantastic novel for J.K. Beck! When Pleasure Rules brings back all the characters from the first book in the Shadow Keepers series as well as introduces us to new ones. This novel straddles the paranormal world, the romance world, and the scientific world leading the reader on a fantastic journey. The agonizing feelings that are shown through Lissa’s experience as a Succubus gives us a look into how amazing and detrimental her gift is to those she is closest to. Whether a new fan or an existing one, you have to love a book written by this very talented author.

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