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ISBN#: 978-0-553-38627-1
June 22, 2010
Bantam Books
Trade Paperback
320 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

It was finally time, both financially and emotionally, for India and Jeremy Halloway to stop the IVF procedures. They have talked about adoption in the past, but it now seems like their only viable alternative, even with the steep price tag.

Getting kicked out of the apartment by her steroid-blitzed boyfriend is not Lainey Walker’s biggest problem, having his brat is. Getting pregnant was not part of her LA plan, but learning that giving your kid up for adoption can mean big money, just may be the solution she needs.

India and Jeremy are ecstatic when they learn that a birth mother has chosen them. Well, India is ecstatic, Jeremy is a little terrified. Their home is now mortgaged to the max, and every day that India shovels more and more money at Lainey is putting them that much closer to bankruptcy. The bigger she gets, the more Lainey is ready to be rid of this baby, and get her life and her body back. However, their lives are all about to change, and no one is prepared for the impact of one tiny little soul.

The strain of infertility is a sickening roller coaster ride of emotion that sucks your life away little by little, and can really try your sanity as well as your marriage. India is skating on this very thin ice of total desperation, and in my opinion it is completely skewing her perceptions and good judgment when it comes to Lainey, while Jeremy is left buckling under the pressure to make his wife happy. As time passes in the story, there is a gradual awakening of Lainey’s conscience, but it takes nearly the entire book before she is anywhere near a decent person. It is infuriating to see girls like Lainey flippantly disregard what a tremendous gift they have been given, when there are so many people like the Halloways who would give everything they have to share their lives with one precious child.

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