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ISBN 9781629291376
August 2014
Eternal Press
68 pages
Paranormal Romance, Vampire
Rating: 5 Cups

Pamela, a beautiful blond human who is seeing a vampire psychiatrist, is clear in stating that her ex-fiancé is crazy, but is cagey about the details. Despite that, she still finds herself strongly drawn to Kale. After her next appointment is cancelled, she goes home, but trouble follows. She is rescued by Kale, who takes her home, but is adamant about learning her secrets before sleeping with her. Will her fear of her ex keep her from revealing those secrets and winning Kale over?

Kale, an uber sexy vampire psychiatrist, has a strict vow about getting involved with his patients. This is broken when two thugs bust into his office demanding Pamela’s location, and he rushes off to rescue her. Once at his home their mutual intense passions for each other are revealed, along with Kale’s ultimatum that she share her secrets before they go any further. Will the truth be too much of a revelation? Or will the growing feelings between them be enough?

When Pamela calls to check on a friend it provides just the opening needed to find her in the small town where she was hiding. Patrick-- her crazy ex-fiancé and Chicago mob boss—uses that opening to locate her and sends thugs to retrieve her. Along with his fixation for Pamela he possesses knowledge, which is to prove they are meant for each other. Meanwhile, Kale races off to Chicago to rescue her. Will Kale be in time? Are Patrick’s revelations true? Or is he just trying to justify his twisted obsession?

The author is really talented when it comes to crafting a short story and I loved this one! It had the perfect mix of humor, the paranormal, intriguing characters, danger and suspense, and of course some hot sexy times. Patrick’s secrets were a great addition to the story and once he shares them a lot of things start to make sense. I would definitely recommend this read to someone who is looking for a quick read with a paranormal setting that includes vampires and other beings, and does not want to invest into a more complicated book, but still wants that feeling of satisfaction you get when finishing a great one.

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