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ISBN# 1610344561
April 2011
Siren Publishing
147 Pages
Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, Shape Shifter, Werewolves, Leopard Shifter, Vampire, Public exhibition
Rating: 4 Cups

Mad enough to see red, Jackson Cunningham has finally had enough. He loves the man more than anything, but if his mate cannot accept him, then it is time to move on.

He knows that he has been a complete and utter ass to Jackson, but Talon Cartwright has had good reason. Jacks is so young and has so much going for him; Talon knows in his heart that Jacks deserves much more than he can ever give him.

When Jackson was taken in by Talon, he was just a boy of fourteen and on the run from a father who tried to kill him, but he knew even then that Talon was his mate. Years passed with Talon keeping his distance, because of his age, but now that excuse no longer works. When Jackson makes his stand, Talon finally reveals the truth behind his actions, but all too soon their feelings for each other are pushed aside as Jackson’s past comes tearing back. When he left his father, he also left his brother, and now it will take everything Jackson, Talon, and the rest of their pack has to try and right a hideous wrong.

The drama surrounding Jackson’s past and Talon’s future adds layer after layer if intrigue to an already totally sexy read. Jackson is young, but he knows what his heart wants, and he is not afraid to risk everything to get it. Talon’s feelings are easy to understand, but it is even more fun to see Jackson completely unravel every one of Talon’s arguments. They are yin and yang, but with Jackson’s impetuous youthfulness, and Talon’s sometimes somber maturity, they complement each other’s differences perfectly.

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