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Book 6 of the Wounded Warriors Series
ISBN# 978-1-60174-092-2 / 978-0-557-24098-2
May 14, 2010
Uncial Press
E-Book and Trade Paperback
$5.99 / $12.50
183 Pages
Inspirational romance
Ratings: 5 Cups

Jessie Nelson was never really involved with the family’s business, Nelson Cosmetics. She always felt her first love was fashion.

Flint Jackson never forgave his father for uprooting the family to start his own business. Through the years, the anger grew inside him for three decades.

Flint made sure to release some of his anger against his father by doing a turnaround. He threw a blow back by taking the business out from underneath him. It was something that killed his father, but Flint did not care. As the anger slowly built up, he decided to release a little more onto everyone around him, even toward Jessie, who had abandoned him. Jessie informed her parents she was not suited for the business, choosing to live her own life. After being injured in an accident, her friend, Gregg, gave her a white rainbow necklace as a symbol of a second chance. As she grew older and learned from her mistakes, she discovered there was more out there for her, even with a man like Flint. Can the two finally find a way back to each other and create that magic once again?

White Rainbow is a magnificent look at hardships, betrayals, loves lost, loves found, and the one love that finds a way to crack open the softness of the heart. Karen Wiesner has done it once again with her excellent storytelling, wonderful romance and in-depth characters. She makes the reader ache for each and every one of the players. Ms. Wiesner knows how to pen a story that really snatches the reader. I could feel the agony, the conflict among each of the characters, and the rejoicing afterwards. This compelling story gives an uplifting feeling where one can find a way back to happiness and wash away all hurt.

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