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White Trash

Book 1: White Trash Beautiful
Book 2: White Trash Damaged
Book 3: A Song for Us

White Trash Trilogy, Book 1
ISBN# 9781476732022
9 July 2013
Gallery Books
240 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Cass Daniels is trapped in a life she does not want. Her father walks out when she is little. Her mother is an addict who depends on Cass to put food on the table and a roof over their heads. Alas, the only job available to the high school dropout is waitressing at a diner close to her trailer.

Cass has just one hope for a better life. She is saving in hopes of making a new start someplace far away. Unfortunately, her boyfriend does not share her aspirations. One day blends into the next as Cass puts up with Jax’s drug dealing, violent moods and heroin habit until the day a man, named Tucker White, comes to the diner and gets between Cass and the abusive Jax.

The next few weeks are a dream for Cass. She has never known men could be like Tucker White. Not only is he kind, considerate and absurdly interested in Cass. He is also a bona fide rock star. But can she put her past behind her and believe in the future Tucker is offering?

White Trash Beautiful is not your typical rags to riches novel. Ms. Mummert draws readers in with tight first-person storytelling that makes Cass’s life come alive. Perhaps my only disappointment is that the end is a little rushed. However, there is the promise of more in the two books scheduled to follow this striking opening to the White Trash Trilogy.

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