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ISBN: 978-1-59632-976-8
July 14, 2009
Loose Id, LLC
188 Pages
Multicultural Paranormal Shape-Shifter
Rating: 3 Cups

Coming home to Twist is the last thing Sorcha McFadden ever expected to do. The sketchy memories and nightmares of her parents’ deaths are never far from her mind, but it is her Gram’s death that brings her back.

The day Gray White feared would never come has hit him with a force unlike anything he has ever experienced. She is like a goddess, stepping out of the lake with rivulets of water running down her naked perfection, and she is his mate.

After his initial shock, Gray realizes exactly who is trespassing on private property, but this does not stop the need to mate from roaring through his veins. She may be his baby sister’s childhood friend, but she is no longer a child, in fact she is the only woman he will ever want. The drive to claim her is uncontrollable, and Sorcha has the same reaction to her teenage crush, but the heavy scent of danger rolls in like a wall of fog. The wolf inside battles to protect his mate, as Gray the Sheriff tries to take down a serial killer intent on destroying all he holds dear.

Shock, despair, and all-consuming passion whip together in a frenzy of chaos threatening to tear Sorcha’s fragile control to shreds. I feel that the battle she wages inside her own head makes her character skittish and hard to get a feel for, as her breakdowns are often too predictable and over-dramatized. The storyline itself is well plotted with all of the fine details it takes to make a good murder mystery.

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