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ISBN: 9781634860659
28 February 2016
92 Pages
Gay Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

An entire year without the love of his life is finally over for Michael Knapp, and his only plan for the next two weeks is to spend it with his soldier boy.

This last deployment has been the hardest yet for Dan Biggs. As much as he loves his job, it pales in comparison to his love for his partner.

The excitement of having Dan home is only bettered when his lover pops the question. Unfortunately, Michael lets his joy overshadow his good sense and posts their rings on social media. Now they are being descended on by his family, and their few days of spending every second in each other’s arms is over before it has begun. Michael would not be surprised if Dan runs back to the base just to have some peace and quiet.

A whole year with no physical contact is hard to imagine for two men who love each other as much as Dan and Michael. Having Michael’s family crash their short time together is almost painful to see. Dan, however, is such a great stand up guy; he refuses to let Michael feel bad about the invasion. I love their sweet heat, and would be thrilled to see them come back for more.

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