Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN: 9781622100927
31 March 2014
Liquid Silver Books
44 Pages
Paranormal, Shifter, Other Werewolves, Contemporary
Rating: 3 Cups

Why it feels like the mountain is calling her home, Sunny Clark has no idea. When she left ten years ago, she thought it was for good. Now she looks forward to showing everyone she is no longer a shy, dorky teen.

Waiting for her to come back has felt like an eternity for David Maxwell. Now that she is here, he is not going to let her slip away again.

This reunion is Sunny’s chance to prove herself to all those high school bullies. She may have taken longer to shift than her peers, rarely doing so even now, although that is about to change. David can sense Sunny’s power, even if she does not realize it. He knows she is a born leader. He only hopes she feels the same for him as he has always felt for her.

Rather than giving power to the past, Sunny lets her alpha run free. It is also nice to see that her true friends support and encourage her to do so. In my opinion, delving deeper into Sunny’s relationship with David, as well as her class mates, would make this story even better. I feel like it is missing a certain depth, with the characters as well as the plot.

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