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Donald Strachey Mysteries
Book 1: Death Trick
Book 2: On the Other Hand
Book 3: Ice Blues
Book 4: Third Man Out
Book 5: Shock to the System
Book 6: Chain of Fools
Book 7: Strachey’s Folly
Book 8: Tongue Tied
Book 9: Death Vows
Book 10: The 38 Million Dollar Smile
Book 11: Cockeyed
Book 12: Red White Black and Blue
Book 13: The Last Thing I Saw
Book 14: Why Stop at Vengeance?

A Donald Strachey Mystery, Book 14
ISBN: 978-1-60820-977-4
February 18, 2015
MLR Press, LLC
Paperback / E-Book
$14.99 / $6.99
249 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

The private detective business is, for the most part, information gathering and very little action, yet Donald Strachey seems to have a knack for trouble. His partner Timmy would rather not know the dirty details, especially when Don skirts the law to get what he needs to solve a case.

Uganda is a hot-bed of hatred and danger for homosexuals, which is why John Suruma has fled to the United States. He needs help to stop the man behind the religious fervor destroying his friends, and he hopes that hiring Don will get him the results he is looking for.

Unfair political practices are pretty standard everywhere, yet even as jaded as Donald Strachey is it comes as a shock to hear about the anti-gay laws in Uganda. The pseudo-religious zealots behind it all are being led by Pastor Chip Salisbury, who seems to have a never-ending supply of cash to fund his efforts. There is little time to waste, because Don knows it will not take much to push John into doing something rash. His plan is as crazy as they come, but if it works, it could save thousands of lives.

Time and again Don questions his approach in dealing with Chip and his cronies, and I have to say I agree. The act he puts on as a middle-man for an anonymous donator is way overdone. I have no doubt that atrocities like these occur, but this story almost seems to make a joke of it. Sincerity and a little edge of your seat danger would really make this story much more believable and exciting.

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