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ISBN#: 978-1-60394-390-1
December 2009
New Concepts Publishing
147 Pages
Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance
Rating: 5 cups

Lavinia is a vampire and a succubus. She also happens to be a very good assassin. Because of her succubus powers, she feeds from sexual energy as well as blood. Over the years she has taken three lovers, and though she cares for them, she is not in love with them. They are simply her family and closest friends.

Logan is a werewolf and is Lavinia’s animal servant. He cares deeply for Lavinia and is one of her lovers.

Jean Philippe is Lavinia’s master and the one who turned her. He is also her lover, and while he has kept his feelings about her to himself, he does love her as a close friend.

Judas is another vampire and is also Lavinia’s lover. Like Logan and Jean Philippe, he cares a lot about Lavinia.

Synn is a seven hundred year old wizard, and Lavinia is very drawn to him both sexually and emotionally, unlike her three lovers.

When a huge storm, complete with a demonic sea monster, begins circling the skies of Wicked City, those with paranormal powers, particularly the vampires and their werewolf compatriots know they will have to take care of the problem since the humans cannot. The rumors are that a wizard named Synn is the one who has called and controls the sea monster, but no one can seem to locate Synn. When Jean Philippe shows Lavinia a charm that will allow the person holding it to locate any wizard once, Lavinia takes it without his knowledge and locates Synn. For days she watches him, and what she sees tells her he is not the one threatening Wicked City. But how can she explain that to the others? Eventually she gets up the nerve to actually go to his home and call to him. He comes out and they have feverish and very emotional sex. At this point, they are instantly connected to each other, and they continue to see each other though it is a bit later before they trust each other enough to reveal their true selves. As they work together, it becomes apparent to Lavinia that Synn is not the wizard they are looking for, and that she loves him. Will she be able to convince her master and the rest of the vampire council that Synn is on their side, or will she lose him forever to a vampire hit squad, leaving their city at the mercy of another wizard gone bad?

Whew! Wicked City is one very hot and sexy read! Ms. Kitts starts off with a bang and just keeps on going until you read the very last page. I loved it! I especially love how all of the main characters interact with each other, how close the friendships are, and even though they may not be in love with each other, how there is still love there. That, for me, made this story a true keeper. The world building is stellar and in some respects reminds me of the Underworld movies -- only this book was even better. The sex of course is positively scalding, but in a really wonderful erotic and emotional way. I will definitely be buying more of this author’s books, and I highly recommend that you do so as well!

Coffee Time Romance & More



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