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Angels of the Dark, Book 1
ISBN# 9780451237606
26 June 2012
Harlequin Books
Paperback/ E-Book
416 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Annabelle Miller has been doing time inside an asylum for the criminally insane since her eighteenth birthday, the day her whole world has ended. A horrific demonic beast murders her parents, while she is forced to watch. Nobody believes Annabelle’s story, so now she is utterly alone. Not only do her human captors abuse her with their drugs and “therapy”, demonic minions, unseen by anyone except her, torment her for their own amusement.

The warrior angel Zacharel has better things to do than babysit a human. His position and that of his angelic army is in a precarious state due to their own harsh treatment of rules, regulations and human collateral damage. Yet, from the moment he steps foot inside the institution and meets Annabelle, he is intrigued by her courage and indomitable wit in the face of demonic attacks. Deciding he has nothing to lose, Zacharel frees Annabelle from her incarceration.

Now Zacharel is utterly responsible for the fragile existence of one human woman, one who tempts him more thoroughly than he has ever experienced in his long, long existence. As they discover the truth about her parents’ murderer, they also find out that their lives are inexplicably entwined. Zacharel begins to realize that even immortal angels need the help and respect of others, perhaps even love. For an angel who once cared nothing for humanity, Zacharel soon discovers he will risk everything for Annabelle.

A spin off of Ms. Showalter’s series, Lords of the Underworld, Angels of the Dark promises to be a great new series. Wicked Nights will enchant readers with the romance between its reluctant hero and heroine. Filled with action, intrigue and an easy to follow mythos, this paranormal story delivers. This is a must have for readers who love to get their hands on a story where good and evil are shades of gray, in a landscape of love and sacrifice.

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