Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN#: 9781554873760
September 2009
eXtasy Books
170 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Madeline is in shock from the letter she received from her fiancé breaking their engagement. Wolf steps in to act as her savior and her pretend boyfriend.

Wolf has been biding his time. When Madeline is devastated by the announcement of her engagement to the detestable enemy from his past, Wolf is ecstatic to find she is now free. He hatches a plan to get revenge on Edward and to finally get his hands on the delectable Madeline.

Wolf and Madeline each have their own agenda. Madeline thinks he is an excellent lover and an even better man for his sacrifice in order to help her get over her anger and hurt. Wolf finds the means to touch her sexy body, but even more, he needs to find the magic formula that will keep them there. A near tragedy and echo from the past will make them realize the need to take a fresh look at the land of make believe and their future together.

I found Wicked Proposal to be thoroughly entertaining. The love and yearning between Madeline and Wolf is almost tangible and leaps off the page at the reader. Tierney O’Malley has a wonderful talent for endearing the characters to the reader and making the reader cheer them on. Wicked Proposal is a wonderful way to pass a lazy afternoon filled with laughter and love. I recommend the writings of Tierney O’Malley for anyone wishing to bring joy to their day.

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