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Wild Seasons Series
Book 1: Sweet Filthy Boy
Book 2: Dirty Rowdy Thing
Book 3: Dark Wild Night
Book 4: Wicked Sexy Liar

Wild Seasons Series, Book 4
ISBN#: 9781476777986/9781476777993
February 2, 2016
Gallery Books
Trade Paperback
371 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Surfing all day then serving up drinks all night gives London Hughes little time to lament over her non-existent love life, which is fine with her. What concerns her more is the thought of growing up and getting a real job.

When he had a girlfriend, Luke Sutter was the perfect boyfriend, loyal, attentive, and totally in love. Since that relationship has been over for years Luke has amassed more women on his contact list than he can remember.

With barely a glance, London sizes up Luke as “one of those guys," gorgeous body, perfect hair, and a different girl in his bed every night. Despite what her brain tells her, though, her body snaps to attention with his pretty boy charm. Luke can tell London thinks he is nothing but a player, which admittedly he has been, but with her it all feels like more. He wants the chance to show her he can be a guy worth trusting. Which is scary when he realizes that what she sees in him is all too true.

Fresh out of college, London is still trying to hang on to those last few moments before committing to an adult life. She and Luke are both on the cusp of a major life change, which means there are going to be some bumpy roads ahead. What I really love, though, is how they can laugh and poke fun at each other, as well as, themselves. Like every book in this series, these characters are a fabulous combination of heat and humor, sincerity and sexiness!

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