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ISBN# 1-60154-587-8
August 2009
The Wild Rose Press
192 Pages
Hot Medieval Romance
Ratings: 4 Cups

Lady Amye de Barnard was married to dear husband, Thomas, for twenty years, before he died. Now she cares for young girls, helping to properly prepare them to marry young Lords.

Alain de la Vierre, Laine, a fine troubadour, has been in hiding. Once considered the best assassin in England, he decides to flee from the walls that keep him confined.

Amye decides to take a hunt before breakfast when a wounded man happens to fall from a tree where she is near. She decides to take him home to nurse him, even after others warn he could be a thief or murderer, but she believes she has seen him somewhere. After changing his wound, Amye notices the tattoo of the crescent moon, of which she is aware it carries the make of the Saracens. Laine is surprised to hear of Amye’s husband’s death since, he, too, had been in Outremer where her husband had died. It had been a difficult time for Laine. Amye had plans to never find another and wed again, but Laine bewitches her. Amid the danger that is following Laine, will he and Amye be able to find a way to be with each other?

Widows Peak is an interesting story. Hanna Rhys Barnes begins the story in a way that the reader is able to connect to the characters, where everything about them slowly begins to build up and is not rushed through. I thought Amye had tremendous strength after all the losses in her life and being left to raise a family. She indeed is presented as human when it comes to feeling sensations for another again. I thought the passion between her and Laine was wonderfully done and passionate enough to make this read richly rewarding to this reader.

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