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Boys of Bishop
Book 1: Wild Child
Book 2: Never Been Kissed

ISBN# (10)0345533712/(13)9780345533715
29 October 2013
Bantam Books
368 Pages
Contemporary Romance, humor
Rating: 4 Cups

Monica Appleby is known as the Wild Child, not only from her book by that name but also from her time on a television show in her formative years. Most people do not know what she is really like or how tired she is of everyone’s expectations of her. She returns to Bishop, Arkansas to face her past and uncover what happened the night her father died. As she spends time among the kind townspeople, she begins to develop feelings and friendships she had never experienced before. As she spends time with the mayor, Jackson, she learns much about herself and about how a caring man can make a difference, if she can set aside her fears and let go of her anger and bitterness.

Jackson Davies feels trapped by responsibility. After his parents died, he moves back home to raise his sister, who seems to hate him. He also becomes the mayor, to try to help the town from the verge of bankruptcy. When he meets Monica, he recognizes a kindred spirit that brings life and vitality back to his life. But there are so many obstacles standing in the way of having a relationship with her. He has let his fear get in the way of happiness in the past. Will it get in the way of happiness with Monica?

The people of Bishop, Arkansas are hoping for a miracle. If they can win the “Best Small Town in America” contest, then the well-known cookie factory will move in, and their economy will be good again. When everyone is safe, Jackson can leave and live the life he has given up after his parents’ car accident. So he whips everyone into shape and does everything he can to make his town the best. Jackson knows his idea will work. Then Monica Appleby strolls back into town and takes his breath away. She is trouble he cannot afford right now, but he also cannot resist.

Monica and Jackson both have issues with getting close to people. Even though they have had different experiences, they both have shut themselves off from others. I enjoy the interplay between the two and the chemistry that sizzles throughout the story. There is a definite element of hope and inner strength interspersed within the story. All of which culminates together to make a fantastic read with a more than satisfactory ending.

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