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ISBN#: 9781611245769/9781611248364
6 April 2014
Amber Quill Press
218 Pages
Historical romance/adventure
Rating: 3 cups

Kathleen Stanton has fled her life in Kingston, New York. She is fleeing an arranged marriage to a man who is cruel and unloving. Running as far as she can, she ends up in Michigan Territory. She is out of money and is tired of running, so when the opportunity to tell a small lie and impersonate a mail order bride arises, she becomes Michelle and believes this arrangement will just be temporary.

Luther cannot believe that after all this time waiting, his mail order wife has finally arrived. Yet something just seems strange. She refuses to talk much about where she comes from, has horrible nightmares, and has colorful language that a woman like her should not have.

Starting out as a very rocky relationship, Luther and Kathleen/Michelle both have adjustments to make, not to mention both have secrets that could both hurt and harm each other. Is this relationship that started off on the wrong foot, based on a lie, doomed from the start or can the growing attraction between these two help make a life for them?

Oh I am so torn. I loved the concept of this book. I love the plot idea. However, I just cannot help but feel Luther and Kathleen just do not have enough chemistry for me. At first I did not like either character, but as the story unfolded it unveiled more of their personalities and how they have been shaped. Which did help me enjoy the book a bit more than I thought I would. Overall I would suggest using your own judgment on this one.

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