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Leopard Series
Fever (a compilation of The Awakening and Wild Rain)
BOOK 1: The Awakening (story in Fantasy & Fever)
BOOK 2: Wild Rain (story also in Fever)
BOOK 3: Burning Wild
BOOK 4: Wild Fire
BOOK 5: Savage Nature

ISBN #: 978-0-515-14790-2
May 2010
Jove (Penguin)
Mass Market Paperback
496 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 cups

Isabeau Chandler is rebuilding her life. She recently lost her father after finding out that he was not the man she thought, and was betrayed by the man she loved. She has made a home for herself and her work in the rain forest of Panama.

Connor Vega is a leopard shifter and part of a group of shifters sent on dangerous missions all over the world. A recent mission brought him into contact with his true mate, but he was forced to betray her. He had to leave her knowing she would never forgive him.

An evil drug lord has kidnapped the children of Connor Vega’s home village, and they also killed his mother. He and his team are called to rescue the children, bringing him into contact with the mate he seduced and abandoned. Isabeau in unaware that she is also a leopard shifter, and her approaching first shift may compromise their mission and their safety.

This is an exciting, suspense-filled tale with two strong and passionate main characters. Isabeau is strong and innocent but never weak, and Connor is flawed but determined to make up for his past mistakes. Imelda Cortez makes an incredibly evil villain, but she is not the only one in the story. One villain will come as a complete surprise. The author has given the reader an incredible plot that will have you engrossed from the very first page. The action scenes are spine tingling and the love scenes are some of the most passionate this author has ever written. This is one story not to be missed.

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