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Wild Hearts
Wild Nights

Blood Moon Legacy
ISBN #1-61034-138-4
January 2011
168 Pages
Paranormal Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Aya is a very rare White Wolf. Her family and the other Whites were massacred twenty five years ago. She is small and delicate, but has a very strong will and personality. She is also very beautiful and has by necessity led a very sheltered life.

Lenox is the Alpha of his pack and was chosen by the spirits to be one of Aya’s mates. He is handsome, brave, strong, and a good leader, respected by all who know him.

Riley is Aya’s other fated mate, though he rebels against his future. He believes that the Whites were responsible for the death of his father, and he has dedicated his life and his rebel pack to eradicating them.

White wolves are very rare and sacred. A massacre twenty five years ago left only a handful alive. These few are being hunted by the sisters of a rebel wolf who resented their power. Aya was rescued by her uncle as a baby, but the rebels have found her and she must get to her mates. Unfortunately, one of them just killed her uncle and is on the hunt for her.

This story combines a hot love story with an extremely suspenseful plot. Aya is a great heroine; strong and beautiful, but a bit naïve. Her two mates have a twenty five year old grudge between them and are equally strong, but radically different in personality. Throw in a deranged, but alluring villain, and you have a werewolf story that you will be unable to put down. I cannot wait to read the rest of this exciting series.

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