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ISB#: 9781629161198
7 May 2015
Hartwood Publishing
140 pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Aura Vietor, is an air elemental, high priestess of her coven, and deputy sheriff of her town, she is also hopelessly in love with her best friend, Luka, who frustratingly is ignorant of it. Because of mistakes in her past, she strives to present a good image, which has her sisters interceding to dress her up sexily and take her dancing, in hopes of getting the friends together. She misconstrues his reaction and vows to make him pay for it, by inflicting pranks on him, one being to spell his fur with spots next time he shifts. Her antics catch the attention of the council of shifters, who ask the witch higher ups to intercede. Meddlesome busybodies, a witch with evil plans, and a lapse in the control she has over the dark side of her power, have her questioning what is possible. Can she balance her job as a deputy, being high priestess, and her relationship with Luka that seems finally to be going somewhere?

Luka Barend is an alpha lion shifter, member of the shifter council, and has been in love with his best friend since school, but will not admit it. The night Aura’s sisters choose to help her is just the start to Luka beginning to admit to his true feelings, too bad she did not like his reactions. Soon pranks follow, one of many being tiny tornados in his shower. The council sees one and wants retribution, which Luka instantly vetoes; he will take care of it. The next day he visits Aura to apologize, instead they end up up against the wall, kissing passionately, oblivious to their surroundings. A series of events that start with a lightning bolt and an impatient god needing to speak with Aura, lead to Luka finally realizing what he feels for Aura and that she will be his mate. Despite an interfering council, an attack on Aura and her sisters, and her own decision of self-sacrifice in order to do what she thinks will be best.

Just as it looks like things will come together for them, along comes Aura’s nemesis who plans on replacing her within the coven. During an important ritual she, along with her sisters, is attacked by him, forcing her to have to unleash the dark side of her immense power in order to save them. Following the attack she debates on whether or not to focus her full attention on her position as high priestess, resigning as a deputy and forgoing her newly budding relationship with Luka. This decision does not sit well with people, not her boss, the sheriff, and definitely not Luka who is recruited to talk some sense into her. Luka knows her so well, he cuts off any excuse she might make and defends against each objection that she has. He also tries to convince her that it is possible for her to balance both of her positions, and the growing relationship between them together. Before her response, her mimesis, who was thought to be imprisoned, appears nearby calling for her death. What will be her decision? Will they even last long enough for her to make one?

I rather enjoyed reading this book for a lot of reasons, one being that it contains characters which seem likable, who were a joy to read about, and honestly it just made me happy to read it. This book is light-hearted, with a bit of sexy, along with a well-adjusted side of humor. I love the banter that flies between Aura and Luka, the banter between Luka and his brothers, and well to be honest, all of the snark happening in this book. Ms. Nicholls took the well-used trope of friends to lovers and blessed it with her own type of wit, excitement, and sexiness making it unique, fresh, and free from any contrived drama you can find in other books using the same trope. it is a cute, funny, easy read that is guaranteed to give you a mood boost if you need a quick laugh and love paranormal romance. This is a great start to a new series; I would definitely read the next book with no problem.

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