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ISBN: 9780983531913
April 2011
Self Published
234 Pages
Young Adult, Urban Fantasy
Rating: 4 Cups

Born during a fierce snowstorm on the same day and in the same hospital, Loie and Mia have been friends their entire lives. Their seventeenth birthday approaches – a day both anticipate and dread. On that day, the full extent of Mia’s extraordinary powers will manifest.

When sexy, suave Andreas moves in next door, late in summer before school starts, Mia and Loie become smitten. A perfect gentleman, Andreas enjoys the company of both girls. All three bond closer when they discover that each of them has suffered a tragic loss in their young lives.

Loie has always felt as if her life rotates around Mia. Mia is beautiful, with a flawless complexion and toned body, while Loie is still flat-figured and angular. Still, they are best friends and Loie is always eager to help Mia practice her skills, both always stand up for each other, and both are truly loyal and caring. As their birthday nears, strange, mythical creatures begin stealthy attacks and Andreas reveals himself as something other than a normal human.

Polished and well-edited, this book was a thoroughly engrossing page-turner for me. It is fast-paced, with witty, often humorous dialogue. The truth, which in the beginning is hidden within a murky sort of haze of conjecture, gossip, and ill-will, is unveiled in bits and pieces. The tangled knots slowly unraveling in a suspenseful way that always kept my interest piqued and my eyes glued to the kindle screen. The relationship between the characters was captured within the prose beautifully and honestly. At times, I was moved almost to tears, and other times I laughed out loud. I have to admit, though, the cliffhanger ending was a disappointment. I just hope that the next installment will be available sooner rather than later.

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