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ISBN#: 978-0-312-36412-0
February 2, 2010
St. Martin’s Press
Hardcover/trade paperback
400 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Running her father’s business is not exactly what Meredith Cooper envisioned for herself, but then again most of her life has been spent trying to please other people. She gives and gives until she reaches a point where she cannot even recognize herself anymore.

If there is anyone the complete polar opposite of Meredith, it is her sister Nina Whitson. As a world-renowned photographer, Nina goes where the wind blows, traversing the globe to cover war zones and natural disasters.

The one thing these two sisters do have in common is an avid dislike for a mother who spent every day of their lives trying to pretend they did not exist. The only time Anya really spoke to her daughters when they were young was to tell them fairy tales in the dark. Although they are grown women now, Meredith and Nina still find it hard to accept their mother’s silence, and upon their father’s deathbed, Nina makes a promise to learn the truth. Anya finally gives in to Nina’s persistence, and by doing so, all three women must face some devastating truths about themselves and their relationships.

There are hardly words to describe the multitude of feelings this story provokes; anger, sorrow, despair, and even hope are just a few. I probably read half being completely annoyed and frustrated with Meredith and Nina’s selfishness and the pain they carelessly cause those around them. But upon hearing Anya’s story, I can only say that although this is fiction, the truth behind it is horrifying and devastatingly real. Her voice resonates with sorrow, but it is her strength that will bring you to tears.

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