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Silver Slippers
ISBN#: 9781595788856
December 2011
Liquid Silver Books
54 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Jovie Andrews is a model employee, often times doing other people’s work, hoping to be promoted based on a job well done. Unfortunately, she is continually passed over for promotions and lets her co-workers treat her poorly.

Rand is a magical being that has been trapped in a creamer pot for over a century. He is finally released when Jovie rubs the pot, removing a smudge.

Jovie’s co-workers lock her in a room telling her to change old contracts into bars of gold. Knowing that is crazy, she rubs at the creamer pot while trying to think of a way out. Rand appears and offers to help her, if she is willing to pay. Each time he changes the contracts, he takes a material payment, her verbal agreement to the rules, and leaves her sexually sated. Ultimately, the time comes for the rules to be enforced, and Jovie must guess Rand’s full name, or change places with him forever.

I enjoyed the idea of this book, but I had a hard time liking the characters. Jovie didn’t come across to me as having low self-esteem in the beginning, so her actions were not believable to me later in the book. Rand was so vague and secretive, I had a hard time liking him at all. Even though I had trouble buying into the hero and heroine, their sex scenes were well written and scorching HOT! The scenes of them together sexually had me hoping for a happy ending, and I was not disappointed.

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