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August 2010
Harlequin Medical
186 Pages
Medical Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Every day that Julia Bennett spends doing the job she loves, she counts her blessings. She tries very hard not to fixate on the fact that she will never have children, and instead focuses on being the best search and rescue worker she can possibly be.

In the first few days, Alan MacCulloch, along with the rest of the guys, was wary of what it would be like to have a female join their ranks, but Mac now knows how lucky he really is. He and Jules make the best team in the unit, and he is now the envy of every guy on the squad.

Coming to the U.K. is a huge opportunity for Jules to expand her knowledge and hone her skills, but she could never have imagined being lucky enough to have a more brilliant or dedicated instructor than Mac. They are a perfectly synchronized team, and it is all too easy for her to imagine how well they would match up outside of work. For weeks Mac has beaten down anything resembling personal feelings for Jules, but this last rescue zaps all of his control. One kiss is all it takes for Jules to mourn for something that can never be, and for Mac to once again dare to dream, and in that kiss their whole world is about to change.

There is an incredible amount of feeling and fervor within the pages of this book. A harrowing rescue, heart-warming delivery, and heated love story are just a few highlights. Jules and Mac have unlimited respect and undeniable attraction for each other, and every action is captured brilliantly for the reader. You rejoice in their successes and mourn their losses, so when those moments come where the head wars with the heart, the pain is as real for you as it is for Jules and Mac.

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