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ISBN# 9781615723553/9781615723560
April 1 2011/1993
Damnation Books/Zebra Books
278 pages
Rating: 5 cups

Rachel Coxe was a white witch who fell in love with the wrong man; a married man. She turned away from the white side of witchcraft and became a black witch, allowing Satan and his demons to become integrated in her practice. She and her three children were killed brutally in 1694.

Amanda Givens is a white witch in present day Canaan, Connecticut. She just lost her husband and her depression takes over her life for a brief period. A period during which she begins a black spell to bring her husband back from the beyond.

Amanda comes to terms with her husband’s sudden demise. She goes back to making her pottery and visiting with the few friends she has in Canaan. Unfortunately, there is a cult of demons who are calling for her. The people in Canaan already look at her funny, but when her name is written in blood at the scenes of the murders, the townspeople are out for blood. Dragged into Black Pond by Rachel’s spirit, Amanda literally steps into Rachel’s shoes and gets to see the life of the woman whose spirit is out to get her.

I could hardly wait to delve into the pages of this book when it arrived on my desk. With a blend of horror, mystery and a touch of romance, I found myself engulfed within the covers of Witches. Ms. Griffith writes in such a way that the reader is able to use all of their senses as they read. The descriptions leap off the page and wrap around the readers mind. Amanda is such an easy character to relate to. Even Rachel, with her black magic and dark side, is relatable on certain levels. This is a true good versus evil, light versus dark, tale. I am so glad this book has been re-issued by another publisher since I missed it the first time around.

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