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ISBN# (10)1613098898/(13)9781613098899
December 2012
Wings ePress
280 Pages
Gothic Time-Travel
Rating: 3 Cups

Joe Hillery is the last living male descendant of Judge Hillery. A witch cursed his family centuries ago. Now she returns to punish the last of her enemy’s bloodline. Dreading his fate, he hires a paranormal expert to help him. They make a wager with the witch that sends Joe back to her time. If he can succeed in his task, he and his fiancé will win their lives.

Though Abigail Jennings has always been an obedient daughter and follower of the puritan ways, she will have to disobey her family in order to help her new friend, Joseph, defeat the wicked and terrifying Diehla. She knows that she risks being branded a witch herself, but she also knows she must follow her heart.

When the Witch’s Moon rises in the sky, it strikes fear into the hearts of those who see it. The witch, Diehla Thorne, returns as prophesy has foretold. Now Joe finds himself back in the year sixteen-eighty. He must make a friend who is willing to risk his life to help Joe beat her. Along the way, he meets kind people and also ends up mixed up with Diehla’s coven. He starts running out of time and tries hard not to lose hope, but will he finish his task in time?

Mr. Horner weaves a chilling and exciting tale. He does such a fine job creating a rich world full of detail that I feel as though I am there with Joe on his adventures. The characters are interesting, even the antagonists. The reader experiences chills when the coven of evil witches practices horrible acts. The ending is more than satisfactory and ties up the storyline nicely.

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