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Black Ops Inc. Series

Book 1: Show No Mercy
Book 2: Take No Prisoners
Book 3: Whisper No Lies
Book 4: Feel the Heat
Book 5: Risk No Secrets
Book 6 – With No Remorse
Book 7 – Last Man Standing

Black Ops Inc., Book 6
ISBN: 9781451606812
August 2011
Pocket Star Books
384 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

What is it going to take for Luke Colter to know when it is time to quit? This is the question he has agonized over since he was shot and almost died, but the answer is as elusive as ever.

Her face is plastered around the world, but Valentina Chamberlain has become a hot commodity for a whole other reason. Right now, though, she would like nothing more than to have a little peace and quiet and try to get some control back in her life.

Luke’s fantasy girl since he was barely out of his teens has been Valentina, but that fantasy has nothing on reality. Val is in serious trouble, and Luke is certain it stems from her ex-husband, but that is something she vehemently denies. He needs to get her out of Peru and into safe hands, then he intends to go on the hunt for whoever has targeted this amazing woman. There can be no mistakes on this op, because for Luke and Val the alternative would mean a life no longer worth living.

When your life is nearly destroyed by a bullet, it has a tendency to make you stop and take stock, and for Luke it is apparent he may no longer be the man he thought he was. His humor and humility are as sexy as his physique: add in a little bad ass, and holy smokes is this guy hot! Throw in a super sexy model with just as much grit, and there is no way you will not fall head over heels for these two. This is a blistering hot series that can easily be read as standalone novels, but you are not going to want to miss a single one!

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