Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN# 9781603946681
April 2009
New Concepts Publishing
132 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 2 Cups

Lyn Sands is shocked when she is knocked unconscious and wakes up to find herself kidnapped by a man, claiming to be Adam Mabry, the twin brother of her half-sister’s husband. Not only that, he claims she is Kara, Lyn’s half-sister, even with all her identification in her handbag, and he will not let her go until she tells where Aaron is.

Adam Mabry is worried for his brother, who has never been out of contact with him for so long. He is also livid at Kara, who seems to be the root of all problems related to Aaron, due to her promiscuous ways. To end the misery, he plans on bedding Kara until she tells where Aaron is, or until Aaron calls and finds her in bed with him, to see finally the truth and leave her.

Lyn has trouble believing that she is mistaken for her half-sister. In addition, she has been kidnapped and forced to have sex with her brother-in-law till Aaron is finally found. Running seems to be not an option. She spends all her time trying to convince Adam and his employees that she is not Kara. Worried about her job and life, Lyn is forced to wait out the situation. What will happen when truth finally comes out?

This book makes me angry. There is just not something right about a man kidnapping the wife of his brother, not any brother but a ‘twin’, to find out about his whereabouts and prove to him that she is not worth his time or money. I feel nothing can justify his actions throughout the book. Lyn is the only saving grace here. She makes me cry for her when she refuses to give in to tears. Her steadfastness, down-to-earth nature, her willingness to argue and fight at every point–no matter how fruitful in front of bull-headedness–makes me love her. What I do not understand is how she feels in love with Adam. At no point do I see love developing between them, nor do I like why and how she gives in after a strong fight. Her anger is very much justified, and she definitely deserves better. The two cups are just for readers to get to know her.

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