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Salvation Pack

Book 1: Wolf at the Door
Book 2: Wolf in Her Bed
Book 3: Wolf on the Run
Book 4: Wolf from the Past
Book 5: Wolf on the Hunt
Book 6: Wolf on a Mission

Salvation Pack, Book 1
ISBN #: 978161922-039-3
April 2014
Samhain Publishing
$ 4.99
243 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Gwendolyn Jones is a blonde and beautiful. She has little or no contact with her family and is dedicated to her career, even if it brings her into contact with some nutcases who think that they are creatures who do not exist.

Jacque LaForge is the alpha of the small Salvation Pack. Survival and avoiding his father and their old pack has been a priority until now.

When Gwendolyn inherits a remote cabin from an aunt she barely remembers, she takes the opportunity to pursue her dream of writing a book. An apparently crazy man calls her to tell her he has proof werewolves exist. She still has to pay the rent, and his story is too good to pass up. That is until she is followed home and kidnapped by some brawny men who claim to be wolves.

I was not surprised that I loved this book. N.J. Walters consistently writes some of the most terrific paranormal romances. This is one of her best. The plot is full of drama and action. The characters are well developed and colorful. I want to read all of their stories. I especially liked the spunky Gwen. She overcame desertion and neglect to become a strong woman who is well able to take care of herself in any circumstance. She often surprised me, and herself.

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