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Wolf Eye Lighthouse Series
Book 1: Wolf Eye Sly
Book 2: Wolf Eye Alibi

July 6, 2015
ASIN: B01154TC2G
Terri Lyndie
294 pages
Contemporary Romance, Comedy
Rating: 3 Cups

Mia, a city girl from NYC, is in town to be a bride’s maid in her best friend’s wedding. Instead of witnessing the couple’s wedded bliss she sees them charged for murder, she as an accessory for said murder, and having to evade police in the wilderness surrounding Wolf Eye. One good thing is meeting Jonah, the groom’s brother, who ends up being the most infuriating and irresistible man she has ever met.

Jonah, the groom’s brother, arrives just as the couple is being hauled away. During the chaos of the arrest he runs into Mia, who explains things, and they run before the police return. Evading the police will take some ingenuity, like skinny dipping and using a dirt bike as a get-away vehicle. He just has to deal with the sexiest and most vexing woman he has ever met.

Before they can return to civilization, they must find out the truth while dodging the police. On their search they find a dead body, a mysterious shadow woman, and thugs on the hunt for treasure. While flinging one-liners and banter between them, an over whelming desire smolders. Will they be able to solve the murder? Can they do it before they end up strangling each other...?

This story was a light-hearted romp with some humor, a murder mystery, and a rumor of treasure. The teasing and sexual tension flying between Mia and Jonah added entertainment and some laughs. The only thing is that it seemed to over-shadow solving the murder at times. It is book two in a series, but it can stand alone. On the whole, the story was cheerful, amusing, and a nice diversion.

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