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The Werewolf Series
Book 1- Heart of the Wolf
Book 2 - Destiny of the Wolf
Book 3 - To Tempt the Wolf
Book 4 - Legend of the White Wolf
Book 5 - Seduced by the Wolf
Book 6 - Wolf Fever


Book 6 in the Werewolf Series
ISBN: 9781402237522
December 2010
Sourcebooks Casablanca
416 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Carol Woods is still trying to get used to the thought of being a werewolf. For the past few months, she has been fighting off the change, something that no bitten human should be able to do.

There is something about Carol that calls to the beast inside Ryan McKinley. Though he is the pack leader for the Gray pack and does not have any part of the Red pack that she belongs to, he is willing to overstep boundaries to be near her.

When visions of her pack mates being unable to shift back to human form begin to hit Carol’s mind, she tries to warn them, to no avail. Ryan does not believe in Carol’s psychic ability either, thanks in part to a charlatan who played upon him before. Without warning, a super virus hits hard and at the same time another pack of wolves tries to kidnap Carol. Ryan will have to get over his past, and Carol must embrace her inner beast if they are to win against the werewolves responsible for possibly ruining the Red pack forever.

Wolf Fever is a great read, thanks in part to giving the reader a glimpse into the inner workings of what a werewolf community would be like. Ms. Spear uses great character development, hot passion, facets of many different controversies, and a mysterious twist to keep her readers entertained. I thought the way Carol was able to sustain from shifting into her wolf added to the plotline. With Ryan’s struggle to try to understand and believe in Carol’s psychic abilities, you can really see the obstacles between them come alive. Add in the fact that he is an alpha male from another pack coming to call on the Red pack’s newest member, and you have one very interesting book.

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